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Our DMS technology

The Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) is an exclusive Laurastar technology developed by our engineers in Switzerland. Heated at up to 160°C, well above boiling point, and propelled at a speed of up to 129km/h, Laurastar DMS boasts unique properties for unmatched results. Whether you want to beautify your clothes or sanitise your home; performance, fabric care and hygiene are ensured thanks to DMS. An exclusive and natural Laurastar technology that will help you avoid chemical processes. Beautify and purify your life!
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Our DMS technology

Iron in half the time

For perfect results in half the time, trust Laurastar’s all-in-one ironing systems. Clothes are effortlessly restored to their original beauty. Fibres are naturally and lastingly smoothed, restored and cleaned. The secret? The combination of an active ironing board, integrated generator, professional iron and our exclusive DMS Steam that has revolutionised ironing.
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Laurastar's Steam Generators
Steam Generators

Iron, steam, disinfect

Laurastar Lift is the only 3-in-1 generator that irons, steams and purifies. With a unique design and exceptional steam – Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) – Laurastar Lift accompanies you everywhere in your home, whether you’re ironing on a board or steaming directly on a hanger. Beautify your fabrics throughout the house with Laurastar Lift!
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Hygienic Steamer

Disinfect and refresh your home

Laurastar’s hygienic steamers are an effective, fast and natural solution to disinfect your home. Laurastar’s hygienic steamers prevent infections from bacteria, viruses or fungi; reduce allergens, combat bedbug invasions and prevent parasites from entering your home. A chemical-free solution to take care of your home and your health.
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Laurastar's Hygienic Steamers

Understand and take action

With the emergence of new viruses and an increase in the number of allergies, we are witnessing a growing resistance to antibiotics and antifungal treatments as well as the harmful effects of chemicals on our health. However, a few simple steps can help us to avoid infections and reduce allergies, their causes and symptoms. Discover the best daily practices thanks to the information platform, Lab-L, approved by a scientific committee!

Stop obsolescence!

For a more responsible consumption, to be resourceful and preserve our planet, Laurastar is committed to repairing your products for at least 10 years. Robust and of the highest quality, they are designed to last a generation.
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Stop obsolescence
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