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Discover our filters for steam generators and ironing systems:

Laurastar products are designed to be easy to use: that’s why you can use tap water, unlike most other irons that require demineralised, distilled or even pre-filtered water to work and avoid limescale build-up in the appliance. Our water filters allow you to use an ironing system or steam generator in a faster, more efficient and safer way. No more limescale residue that leaves visible stains and impurities on clothes, for impeccable ironing even on delicate fabrics. In addition, our Dry Microfine Steam is guaranteed chemical-free.

The formula of our anti-scale filter cartridges acts not only against hard water and limescale but also against chlorine and sodium in the water with a proven anti-corrosive action. A Laurastar anti-scale filter can extend the life of your steam iron and save you from having to descale your appliance. An ingenious design!

Follow the online guide to buying anti-scale cartridges to discover

our tips for maintaining your steam generator or ironing system.

How do you replace the filter on your steam generator or ironing system?

Laurastar products are designed with such attention to detail that even the colour of the anti-scale filter changes when it’s time to replace it!

Of course, the lifespan of an anti-scale filter is not unlimited: it must be changed regularly. This is true for most household appliances with internal descaling systems to fight against the corrosive effect of limescale crystals in the water.

All Laurastar products are fitted with a filtration system to save time and energy by not having to treat the water before ironing. There are 3 types of anti-scale systems depending on the Laurastar appliance: the anti-scale cartridges for our Laurastar Lift or IZZI steamers, the filter cartridge for our Laurastar Smart all-in-one systems and the granule refills for the anti-scale water filter of the S Pure systems.

The compact anti-scale filter must be replaced as soon as the indicator light on the Lift steam generator or the IZZI hygienic steamer comes on. To do this, simply remove the cold water tank, empty the water, remove the old filter, insert the new filter in the designated slot and fill the tank with cold water to the maximum level. Some of the best steam generators, such as the Laurastar Lift, are equipped with a red indicator light that lights up to signal the need to change the filter cartridge; there is also a sound signal. Once the new anti-scale filter cartridge and water tank are in place, confirm the change by pressing the anti-scale cartridge change switch on the steam generator. It’s advisable to drain the appliance at the same time, follow the guide: How often should I rinse the boiler of my Laurastar appliance?

For the Laurastar Smart all-in-one ironing systems, the cartridges are replaced in a similar way. The anti-scale filter should be changed when the filter granules are completely brown. To do this, simply take the water tank out of the generator, remove the cover and the anti-scale filter. Once the used filter has been discarded, rinse the tank thoroughly. Then insert the new filter, fill the water tank to the maximum level, close the lid and put it back in place.

The granules in the water filter refills are beads that should also be replaced when they are completely brown. To replace them, take out the cold water tank and remove the filter. Disassemble the bottom part and dispose of the used granules with the household waste. Clean the cold water tank by hand or in the dishwasher, then fill the lower section with a whole new bag of granules and replace the small lid. Replace the built-in filter in the tank and fill with cold water to the maximum level. Then put the tank back in place.

Here you will find the full instructions on how to replace cartridges or granules: When and how to replace the cartridge or anti-scale granules?

Each filter or compact refill is a disposable item available in the Laurastar online store or in authorised Laurastar retailers. Follow the online buying guide and compare it with the model you have.

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How do you clean the filter of your ironing system?

Laurastar filters are designed to guarantee the long life and optimal performance of your appliance. Unlike most filters on the market, Laurastar cartridges and granules do not need to be washed. The granules change colour as they absorb limescale, salts, etc. Once the filter is full and therefore brown, or when the signal sounds on steam generators, they must be thrown away and changed. This allows you to iron with confidence and increases the life of these appliances.

To take proper care of your appliance, it is advisable to drain the boiler after the first use, then every month or after every 10 hours of ironing and every time you change the anti-scale filter. The appliance must be switched off, cold and unplugged. Never use a descaling agent that could be harmful or one that contains chemical products, rinse the boiler with water only!

Do you have a traditional iron or steam iron? You can get even closer to perfection with Laurastar ironing boards or a Laurastar ironing board cover. Certains Laurastar accessories allow you to improve your appliances for impeccable laundry care.