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Why choose a Laurastar ironing board?

From sturdy and stable ironing boards to lighter, more manoeuvrable ones, the Laurastar range will meet all your expectations with one thing in common: thoroughly elegant performance. Our ironing boards have been designed with the following criteria in mind:

  • Comfort
  • Careful finishing touches
  • Elegant and modern design
  • Ergonomics (board, iron rest)
  • Versatility for irons and steam generators
  • Secure fastening system
  • Quality of the board covers
  • 100% cotton
  • Manoeuvrability and ease of use

Laurastar is the world leader in high-quality steaming systems, with unique expertise concentrated into increasingly simple movements that deliver exceptional performance. All products are designed to last a long time, to fight against planned obsolescence. Because life is never too beautiful.

How to choose your ironing table?

To choose the right ironing board, there are several things to consider. Here are some questions to ask yourself before making your decision.

  1. Do you have a traditional iron or steam iron?
  2. Depending on your appliance, whether it’s an iron or steam generator, you’ll need to take into account the size of the iron rest and the stability and sturdiness of the board. You must be able to place the iron or steam station on it safely without the risk of damage or burns.

  3. Do you steam your clothes a little, a lot or not at all?
  4. Whether you prefer steam irons, steam generators or real steam when ironing, this will influence the decision regarding your ironing board or ironing board cover to ensure the steam passes through it while wicking away moisture.

  5. How much space do you have for ironing?
  6. The size of the room you are ironing in, the size of the ironing board and the type of folding and locking system should be taken into account for easier set-up, use and storage.

  7. What type of fabrics do you iron most often?
  8. Consider the size and shape of the ironing board if you mainly iron sheets (then you need a wider board), shirts (then a triangular-shaped board is ideal), or large or small items of clothing.

  9. Do you iron your clothes regularly or as little as possible?
  10. This will depend on how often and in what quantity you iron. You’ll need to consider how easy the equipment is to use as well as the adjustment options of the board and the accessories that come with it.

    In short, the factors to take into account will depend on the type of iron or steam generator you have. The location where you iron and where you store the board are also important. This will determine the size and weight of the product. You should also bear in mind the type of fabrics you will be ironing, laundry quality expectations, your comfort whilst ironing and how often you will be ironing.

Size and shape of the board

The main criteria when choosing an ironing board is the size of the ironing surface and the space it takes up. Ironing boards are between 33 and 48 cm wide, so make your decision according to the type of laundry you are ironing. Wide board: perfect for bed linen and large items such as tablecloths or long garments, so they don’t touch the floor and you can make large movements with the iron. Narrow board: it saves space and is suitable for ironing everyday clothes. Pointed board: its thin end is ideal for ironing shirts and trousers.

When a board is perforated, the small holes allow steam to pass, which ensures better heat circulation and moisture evaporation. Poor steam circulation can lead to condensation and marks on the laundry. It is important that the steam is properly dispersed to avoid making the clothes wet - therefore staining them - but also to avoid damaging the ironing board due to too much residual moisture. Laurastar ironing boards are all designed to ensure that steam is properly dispersed, guaranteeing optimal ironing results.

Ironing board cover material

An ironing board cover is the highlight of the appliance in terms of comfort, design and technology. It is selected for its fireproof and heat-resistant qualities, but also for its thickness, which allows the iron to better handle the surface and folds of linen and guarantees proper grip of the iron. The cotton fleece allows steam to pass through, preventing it from condensing on the clothes and leaving them damp. The cover is specially designed so the iron can glide over it smoothly for a better ironing experience.

Last but not least, the design of the ironing board cover can also play a role in your choice of ironing board. Laurastar Comfortboard ironing board covers are colourful, simple, elegant, fun and trendy. All the designs will brighten up your ironing board and add an extra touch of enjoyment to your home.


An ironing board’s ergonomics are linked to its safety, efficiency and comfort of use. Ironing boards must be high enough so that your back stays straight and you don’t get tired or sore. It’s best to choose an ironing board with an adjustable height, between 60 cm and 1 metre, so it can be used by anyone, which is a useful feature when several different people are doing the laundry. Some ironing boards have fixed positions while others allow you to adjust the height exactly as you wish. When ironing in a standing position, the height should be between 90 and 102 cm. When ironing while seated, a minimum height of 60 cm is required. Pay attention to how easy it is to adjust the ironing board, for example with an adjustment wheel, as well as how secure it is when locking the ironing board in the preferred position so that it doesn’t come loose in the middle of an ironing session.

Folding and locking system

Given the risk of burning by the iron or getting your skin caught when setting up or putting away the ironing board, it’s essential to pay special attention to the folding system, which is how you adjust the height and the secure fastening system. Start with the locking system, which ensures that the board is secure and will not close unexpectedly. Or, on the other hand, ensure that once the board is folded away, it stays in place with a secure folding system and transport lock. It can then be moved safely.

Weight of the iron board

The ideal weight of an ironing board is a balance between being light enough for ease of handling and storage, and being heavy enough to ensure proper stability. This reduces the risk of accidents and fatigue. A weight of around 8 kg is therefore a good average to ensure optimum handling, stability and comfort.

Iron holder

Your choice of ironing board will depend on whether you have an iron or steam generator. An iron needs a heat-resistant iron rest that keeps it in a safe position to prevent damage or burns. An alternative to an iron holder is an insulating mat, which allows you to place a hot iron anywhere.

A steam generator does not need an iron rest as it is usually built into the appliance itself. However, it will need a larger, sturdy and stable space to support its weight and size to avoid any risk of falling. The holder for the iron or steam generator is sometimes retractable, which can be useful for storage.

Storage space and accessories

Ironing boards can be equipped with various useful accessories to make laundry easier. For example, a hanger can be used to hang up a shirt and steam it vertically. Some ironing boards, such as the Laurastar Prestigeboard, are equipped with a small rack or basket to make it easier to lay the laundry on. The Jeanette is an accessory that allows you to iron shirt sleeves without them getting wrinkled. You slip the sleeve on, making sure there are no creases, and iron. As for the wing folding, it allows you to spread out the entire surface of the shirt for faster ironing, the perfect accessory for shirts and garments with sleeves. Finally, the steam cord holder gives you greater range of motion and is more comfortable when handling the iron.

Ironing boards with or without legs and wheels

Most ironing boards have legs and no wheels. Adding a pair of integrated wheels greatly increases the manoeuvrability of the board, especially if it is bulky or heavy. It can be moved around more easily and with less effort.

Some ironing boards such as the Laurastar XS Board do not have legs, they are often referred to as compact ironing boards and can be placed directly on a sturdy table or surface. The advantage is that they can be set up and stored quickly and easily, behind a door, under a piece of furniture, in a cupboard or even in a suitcase. They are perfect for occasional or infrequent ironing.

Choose a suitable ironing board for your iron

To summarise, make sure you ask yourself the right questions: what type of iron do you have, a traditional iron, steam iron or steam generator? In the case of steam generators, what is the weight and volume of the central unit so that it can be safely placed on a table? In the case of a traditional iron, the holder should be compact and solid: either a solid iron rest, a heat-resistant silicone part on the ironing board itself, or an insulating mat.

What are the different types of ironing boards?

People choose ironing boards because they want to look after their clothes. At first glance, it might not be possible to tell the difference between ironing boards, but it’s useful to have an idea of the technical characteristics and functions they offer.

Firstly, there are basic ironing boards which are suitable for all irons. The most common type is a metal frame with a perforated top. Lightweight and easy to handle, they can be used with both irons and steam generators. There are also versions that can be mounted on the wall and stored vertically to save space. More stable and a little heavier, wooden ironing boards are also more comfortable to use; they can be set up in a designated room without having to be put away or moved. Finally, compact ironing boards, which take up less space, are smaller and more flexible, and can be used anywhere.

There are also innovative, more sophisticated ironing boards that incorporate a high-pressure steam generator or those that are designed as professional ironing systems. The board becomes active with an integrated ventilation system, whether it is has a blowing system (to fluff up the fabric, avoiding creases and making ironing easier), a vacuum system (to hold the fabric against the table, for stubborn creases or better steam penetration), or a heating system (to dry the clothes).

Why should you choose a quality ironing board?

Anyone who likes crease-free laundry knows that nothing beats a proper ironing board! More sophisticated than it looks, an ironing board is a must-have for the home. It is a board designed to keep laundry flat for ironing and folding, it also allows steam to circulate while wicking away moisture. The iron glides over the surface thanks to an ironing board cover, which is usually made of fleece. The adjustable feet make ironing quick and efficient. Since people like to be able to set it up and put it away quickly, it should be foldable and easy to store in a cupboard or behind a door. Handling and stability are much easier if the size and weight are considered beforehand. The advantages of a good ironing board make a real difference to everyday life: an ergonomic design saves time and energy. When properly positioned, your back is protected and this reduces pain and fatigue. The most sophisticated ironing boards, such as our all-in-one ironing systems, feature an active integrated ventilation system. With a blower and vacuum, they save time and offer optimal results. In addition, an ironing board can be turned into an ironing system with a whole range of clever accessories, such as a hanger, an iron holder for your iron or steam generator, a shelf or the famous “Jeannette”. Finally, a sturdy ironing board lasts a long time and is more secure. Just follow our guide to find the ideal ironing board!

The difference between a “Jeannette” and an ironing board

The Jeannette is an ironing accessory that is used with an ironing board. It looks like a mini ironing board, specially designed to iron sleeves, collars, shirt pockets and waistbands of trousers or children’s garments, without leaving any creases. It is extremely practical and has already proved its worth during our grandmothers’ day. It puts an end to the daily hassle of thousands of people who struggle to iron the sleeves of their clothes. An absolute must-have.