But why should it always be the same people?

Sadly, it’s a reality, once you get stuck in it, it’s always the same people that have to do it. When two people move in together there’s always a good intention: a desire to please, help out or contribute to the smooth running of the household. We’ve all experienced it: there’s always one who gets involved... and another who finds it easy to sit back. Of course, this is also true for shopping, cleaning or tidying up, but you have to admit that ironing has its own special trait, that fear of not being in control, of not overcoming that unsightly crease or not being given a hand! Clearly, ironing doesn't happen by magic! So here are our 5 tips to convince your loved ones to do it!
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Tip No. 1

A moment of relaxation

Is the atmosphere at home a bit tense lately? That’s entirely normal. Life today is often a source of stress. You’ve tried to convert your housemate or partner into a yoga enthusiast, but sadly no such luck. It’s time to discover a new relaxing and stress-free activity: ironing. The perfect way to restore order and meditate while enjoying the benefits of a steam room. Anticipate their feeling of mistrust, be gentle and the iron will become their new friend. The atmosphere will be more zen-like, their skin will be clearer, and your laundry will be ironed.
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Tip No. 2

Make your expectations clear

Don't expect your partner to take the lead, let alone guess that it’s their turn to iron! If you’re already thinking “It’s obvious though!” you’re already off on the wrong foot. It may be obvious for you, but perhaps it’s not for everyone else. Explain in a clear and direct way that you need help with the ironing. Set up a schedule: for example, this week I’ll do the laundry and you can iron. That way you’ll avoid any misunderstandings.

Tip No. 3

Turn it into a contest

Is your other half competitive? Or worse, does failure drive them crazy? You’re in luck. Suggest an innocent little challenge. Like, “I’m sure nobody could beat me at ironing.” And just like magic. Their competitive spirit will take over. The iron won’t be put down. Our suggestion: give them your Laurastar and you keep your old iron. Allow them every chance to win. They’ll soon see how quickly and easily they can iron. They’ll feel confident. And they’ll stay motivated for the next round.
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Tip No. 4

Give them a personal trainer

Even if nothing can beat mum’s techniques for ironing a shirt, you'll be able to provide the best tips thanks to an equally effective adviser. Plus, it knows how to talk to new technology enthusiasts. With Laurastar Smart, not only is ironing surprisingly easy, its personal coach on smartphone offers all the tips for a perfect result. No more excuses: thanks to the mobile app, your housemate will love getting stuck in.
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Tip No. 5

It’s also good for your health

Are you and the people living in the same household particularly sensitive to the presence of bacteria or germs in your surroundings? Dry Microfine Steam (DMS), a Laurastar exclusive, is designed to reassure you. This 138°C steam is diffused 15 times faster than normal, leaving no damp fabric and ensuring thoroughly clean clothes. It’s been proven! The DMS kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungi and 100% of dust mites. You can reassure everyone: ironing is purifying!