Have you felt that magic feeling of being at home? But what’s the reason why? Is it because it’s a space for family that’s experienced so many special and intimate moments? Perhaps it’s those little personal touches that make it your own unique place? Maybe it’s the four walls that enclose and protect your home? Or maybe it’s something else? Discover the concept that takes inspiration from the pure Danish state of mind, as well as some simple suggestions for creating a cosy atmosphere at home to help you look after your well-being!

Take care of your decor

Do you dream of those beautiful interiors you see on glossy paper or Pinterest that look so neat and tidy? To recreate this soft, warm and comfortable atmosphere, start with light bulbs that are more yellow than blue; increase the number of lighting points and pay close attention to your choice of lamps! Then bring your space to life with plants and flowers, warm it up with rugs and fabrics; add texture with things like wicker or knitted baskets, leather and wool cushions, cosy throws, and ceramic and wooden objects; include some books (especially those you’ve read and loved!) and dare to stack them up: we love looking at them in neat piles! Put curtains on your windows, decorate your walls with mirrors, posters and pictures, and don't forget to use fragrances and scents to give your senses a full experience.

Embrace the spirit of hygge

Hygge, pronounced "hou-gua", embodies the Danish or Norwegian spirit. This approach to life makes you cherish cosy spaces, appreciate the little things and recognise that each moment has its own special charm. This is reflected in the comfort and design of our home, but also in the pleasure of enjoying a meal with people you love. It’s almost like a philosophy. It's about being present in the moment, connecting with yourself and others, and taking time to acknowledge the things that give you joy. So, it’s an attitude and an ability that creates an atmosphere, not the other way around.

Take time for yourself

Feeling good at home also means being in tune with your inner rhythm. To achieve this sense of calm, look for things that bring you peace: learn to take a careful look at your surroundings, feel the natural light as it fills your house in the morning, smell your coffee when you wake up, watch your plants blossom, and take in the little things in everyday life that make life more beautiful. Reach out to others: spend time with your loved ones, organise a games night with friends or take an evening stroll with your partner.
Make life easy for yourself in all things. Your haven of peace can be created and felt. And it simply makes you feel good about yourself.