Figures to make your head spin but only 1 iron

There is no doubt that many hands were put to work behind the scenes to bring this celebration to life. Although effective, persistent and motivated, they entrusted Laurastar with the finishing touches of about 6,000 costumes. Only Laurastar’s ironing systems could both enhance and purify these flamboyant fabrics, paying tribute to months on end of preparations and fittings, thousands of motivated extras, and clothes designed, created and beautified for an unforgettable show. The enhancement of these incredible textiles was the role we played at the Fête des Vignerons 2019.

One celebration per generation

About once every 20 years, the Fête des Vignerons sets an entire region and generation alight with an enormous spectacle. It is with true passion that family members of all ages come together. They become choir members, dancers, musicians, flag carriers; everyone moves to the rhythm of this magical celebration of the land, of the work in the vineyard, and of the merits of the best winegrowers who are rewarded during this event – and quite simply, to a shared joy. Under the watchful eye of the ancient Confrérie des Vignerons, this year’s show was devised and staged by Daniele Finzi Pasca. He is known as the creator of the Olympic Games ceremonies of Turin 2006 and Sochi 2014. He is still moved after having created this huge project: “People are going to say they met crazy people”, he says at the end of the three timeless weeks.
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Magnificent characters

The show of all the greatest figures was marked by the costumes created by the designer, Giovanna Buzzi. An entire sewing workshop worked for months on end to bring a dreamlike universe to life, echoing the regional wine making tradition: Disguised as starlings, burlesque dancers, fishermen, newly-weds, flower buds, merchants and bourgeois of Saint Martin, tracassets, ants, gymnasts and flyers, thousands of extras brought these unique masterpieces to life.
Among them, les Cent Suisses, the austere Swiss Guard, and the Cent pour Cent, marching to the rhythm of the fifes and drums, revealing their diversity, plurality and joy. All dressed in the colours of Switzerland, red and white, each one of their costumes and hats are imprinted with a unique identity.
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24,000 metres of fabric

Fabrics full of colour, stripes or polka-dots, open-worked or opaque, delicate or robust: each costume is a discovery, each piece of fabric a marvel. Everyone knows that the burlesque dancers with their crazy colourful, joyful and rustling petticoats are the most incredible. A real tribute to creation... but a challenge in terms of tailoring and ironing. Tackled successfully - and with great joy – that’s how Laurastar sees it!
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