Stay healthy!

Have you got no energy? Is your nose starting to look like a bright red clown's nose? Do you feel shaky even though you're not scared? Are you on your way to becoming the pharmacist's best friend? This is completely normal; the temperatures have dropped. And like each year, you can’t escape it. If there's something to catch, it's always you who gets it. There’s at least one piece of good news though. No need to study medicine to get better, just follow our advice.
Tip No. 1

have a balanced diet

Adopting a healthy, varied and well-balanced diet is the first step for men and women wondering how to strengthen their immune systems. So don't hesitate to enjoy some vegetable soup; not only does it warm you up, you won't gain an ounce of weight. As for fruit, oranges, clementines, grapes, pears, apples and kiwis are perfect for getting your fill of vitamins. Finally, go to the market and prepare your meals using fresh products instead of eating ready-made products.
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Tip No. 2

dress warmly

When it gets colder out, we have a tendency to put on and take off our warm clothes quite often. It’s very important to always dress warmly enough and cover up your neck properly. You should also keep in mind that it isn’t good to set the heat too high in the places you spend most of your time, particularly at work. At home, the temperature should be set ideally to 19°C. In the bedrooms, 18°C is enough since a lower temperature promotes more refreshing sleep.
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Tip No. 3

follow the basic rules of hygiene

This goes without saying, but it’s better to say it anyway. To avoid catching a virus, wash your hands regularly, particularly before eating, and after changing a child's nappy, going to the toilet, and taking public transport.
Tip No. 4

purify your clothing

Being in close quarters all day can have its disadvantages. Whenever you touch or stand next to someone who is sick, you might bring home undesirable guests such as viruses, bacteria or microbes. Luckily, there’s a simple solution: Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS). How does it work? The power of the steam as it leaves the iron allows it to penetrate textiles uniformly and effectively, leaving them uniquely plumped. But that’s not all. Laurastar DMS does not leave fabric damp, and fixes fibres in place so that your clothes are perfectly ironed and thoroughly cleaned.
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Tip No. 5

exercise regularly

How can you boost your immune defences? By engaging in regular physical activity. This has the added advantage of combating stress. You don't have to sign up at a fitness centre, however, just walk a little more: get off the bus a few stops before your own, and take the stairs rather than the elevator.
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