Bacteria are our friends because they strengthen our immune system, but they can also be our worst enemy! They proliferate and we are exposed to them on a daily basis. Here are 5 of the dirtiest objects that we touch several times a day... enough to make you want to take it seriously!

1. Sponges and cloths: a feast in the kitchen

Every day, you use a soft sponge to clean your dishes or a microfibre cloth to make your sink, worktop or table shine. But in reality, these are the household items which hold the most bacteria according to a study by Scientific Reports. So, if you haven’t already done so: change them, wash them or throw them away! By doing this, you will help your stomach health and improve food hygiene.
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2. Tooth-brushes: a terrifying breeding ground

Of course, our mouths are filled with bacteria! That’s why we clean our teeth and mouth. But remember to thoroughly rinse your toothbrush, which you hold a couple of times a day, and remove any unwanted toothpaste residue.
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3. Door handles: come in with your unwanted guests

You touch door, cupboard and fridge handles without even thinking about it. No matter how hard you try to use your elbow, it’s not so easy! And yet, if you only knew... the cleanliness of these handles affects how clean your hands are too. You therefore need to clean everything, use a disinfectant steam for instance, wash your hands… and dare to offer soap to your guests!
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4. Remote controls: you’re not alone in front of your TV

Right at the bottom of your sofa, you grab your remote control, between two peanuts and then... You might not think about all the unwanted dust mites, spores, grease, etc. that sneak up on you while you watch your favourite series, clinging to buttons and falling into cracks. Make them disappear with disinfectant... as soon as possible!

5. Handbags: a miniature party for bacteria

Bags are a hotbed of germs! If you think about it, this is where you put your keys, phone, wallet and tissues – including when you’ve used them and can't find a bin – and then you can immediately visualise the party... unless you’ve regularly cleaned the objects that are hiding in there one by one. And the outside can be just as bad if you often put your bag on dirty floors. So it’s time to use your steam purifier or wipes on the inside, top and bottom of your bag!
Maintaining good hygiene is a daily challenge. Every object is a potential haven for bacteria, as well as viruses. Being aware of the dirty objects around us means we can establish good habits. If we begin with these 5 everyday objects that would be a good start!